Advanced Power Generation

No one can deny that the demand for electricity continues to increase in our society. Most people carry a number of electrical devices with them on a daily basis (watches, phones, computers) and require that those devices remain charged whether they are on a plane, in the woods or in the middle of a power outage. These demands become even more difficult to overcome as the world focuses on efficiency and transitioning to alternate forms of power generation.

Most electrical generators suffer losses due to the connection from the power supply (engine) to the generator. Orbital Traction can improve the efficiency of these devices by coupling the power supply to the generator using an adjustable speed drive (ASD). Orbital’s ASD acts as a continuously variable transmission for the system, providing an infinite number a speed ratios that allow the generator to turn at a constant rate, regardless of the speed of the engine and the load place on it.

Orbital’s ASD technology will allow all types of generators to operate more efficiently, reducing fuel consumption while increasing power output. The overall size of the generator systems will be able to decrease as power output increases, resulting in less noise and reduced emissions.

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