CVT use in Power Take Off Units

Steady Power From a Variable Input Source

Power take off units (PTO or PTOs) are used in a variety of commercial and service vehicles to drive auxiliary loads. Typically, PTO shafts rotate at some speed that varies with the rpm of the vehicle’s engine. If the load needs to be driven at a constant speed, then the vehicle’s engine speed must be held steady as well. When the vehicle’s engine speed must be able to vary such as during driving, then a separate engine or complex hydraulic system is required to maintain the load at the constant speed. Each of these solutions can be costly due to the expense of the additional engine or system, a loss of efficiency, additional maintenance requirements and mounting restrictions to accommodate auxiliary engine cooling. Ideally, a solution would provide the constant speed required for the PTO, without the added expense or inefficiency inherent with existing PTO systems. The Milner Continuously Variable Transmission can do just that.

The Milner Continuously Variable Transmission provides several key advantages for use in constant speed power take off units:

  • Lower system costs due to simplicity
  • Versatile single shaft layout means that the input and output can be on same side (co-axial) or opposite sides (in-line) of transmission
  • Highly compact design provides multiple mounting options
  • Small parasitic losses provide efficient operation even while partly loaded
  • Power efficient ratio control system